Case Study

Vanguard School, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Vanguard School offers adapted educational services, in English or in French, to students with severe learning disabilities.

Contact: Carolyn Coffin Caputo, Executive Director, Vanguard Schools, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


In 2012, the Tutor software was implemented into Vanguard Elementary and High School levels as a pilot programme to determine its effectiveness in that school. The teachers of the participating students were all oriented about both the learning method and design of the software.

The Tutor program was implemented with 16 lessons (English language) and ran over a period of weeks with monitoring of the lesson results by the Vox Factum Programme Director.

Of the participating students, two thirds were noted to have performance improved to some degree (10% or a half grade level), with the remaining one third of students being noted as having “dramatic improvement” (20% or one full grade level).

In addition, the teachers commented that the students responded enthusiastically to the design format which offered them immediate positive feedback and autonomy.

As of late 2013, Vanguard had implemented the programme within the elementary school. The positive word of mouth that has been generated from this initiative has lead to further implementation and inclusion in various other school programmes.

Vanguard School have announced that most or all applicable students in all schools will be included in Vox Factum supported programmes from September 2014 and onwards.