For individual students and families we offer a number of options to improve language processing skills, remediate underachievement and improve reading comprehension for both mainstream and Learning Disabled students.


Software Online Tutoring Program

Our software is available as a stand-alone tutoring program for students functioning at an independent level, or as a reinforcement activity to the skills learned in the Live Online tutoring format (below). The recommended schedule is twice a week over eight weeks for a total of sixteen regular sessions. However, given the flexibility of the software, the student and their family can choose a schedule that works for them.

More information on the software tutoring program can be found here.

The program includes:

  • 16 specially designed lessons with original text delivered via our Tutor software
  • Free Academic Assessment
  • 20 minutes sessions, two times a week totaling 16 sessions
  • End of program standardized testing

Session activities to teach the principles of processing language include:

  • Reading and listening to text
  • Identifying the topic
  • Recognizing informative words and choosing notes
  • Studying notes
  • Testing recall
  • Answering literal and inferencing multiple-choice questions

The program includes the following services:

  • Facilitation of the software download and installation on Windows or Android
  • Immediate built-in scoring mechanism
  • Monitoring of the individual students’ performance through the weekly review of all lesson scorecards
  • Maintenance of a weekly scoreboard to track the change for the parents and students
  • Email and telephone support is available throughout the program duration


The Live Online Program – 1 on 1 with a Tutor

video conference_smallThe online tutoring program is designed to teach a critical skill in a painless way. The student meets with the tutor a few times on week through Skype or similar technology.

The sessions are designed to follow a routine of activities that will enable the student to eventually repeat them independently. In fact, this program is one of the few tutoring programs that truly has a clearly identified end date that is measured by standardized testing.

The program includes:

  • A free Academic Assessment
  • Live Online sessions (approx. 20 minutes each)
  • Two times a week totaling 32 sessions or Three times a week totaling 48 sessions
  • End of program standardized testing

Session activities to teach the principles of processing language include:

  • Reading text and identifying topics
  • Choosing informative words
  • Creating and Studying notes
  • Testing recall
  • Answering multiple-choice and short-answer questions
  • Practicing reading fluency
  • Rehearsing oral presentations

Completion of Program Activities:

  • Present academic report to parents and student
  • Consult with school (if applicable)
  • Provide ongoing support if required