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Photos by kind permission of CEGEP John Abbott College, Montreal

Workshops and Academic Intervention Programmes

The school workshops are a comprehensive academic intervention program, that can be delivered board-wide or in individual schools at all academic levels. They are available either as an individual workshop, or as an on-going professional development activity.

The workshops are interactive and case-study based, providing the opportunity for direct instruction, and discussion of strategies to improve academic performance. Our flexible format allows this workshop to be offered over 90 minutes, 3 hours or a full day activity.

Workshops include:

  • Assessment of current academic strategies
  • Presentation of a new innovative teaching strategy
  • Identifying implementation issues
  • Presentation of overall program

Post Workshop Products / Services:

  • “The Elephant In The Classroom” book to provide background
  • Workbooks for classroom / resource room usage
  • Online Software Tutor for independently functioning students (in school or in home)
  • Live Online Tutoring for students requiring more direct / individual support
  • Online conferencing and consulting


School Support Program

A wide range of services are available to schools and school boards as a follow up to the workshop programs. Our areas of expertise include: identifying and resolving issues or barriers to the implementation of strategies to improve academic performance; creating learning activities that can be adapted to the individual requirements of a particular setting; and the provision of various evaluation assessment tools to measure shifts in academic performance.

Services include:

  • Joint venture between school/board and Vox Factum
  • 3 month, 5 month or full academic year program
  • Targeted to a testing milestone event
  • Agreed scheduled completion date

Components can include:

  • Reformatting of classroom environment
  • Formatting of curriculum material
  • Implementation of the resource services:
    • Workbooks
    • Software
    • Live Online Tutoring
    • Online Support
    • Test Rehearsal
    • Test Administration
    • Data Collection and Scoring
    • Presentation of Results and Recommendations


Software Tutoring Programme

Our software is available as a stand-alone tutoring program, or as a teacher resource activity to the strategies taught in the workshop. The recommended schedule is twice a week over eight weeks for a total of sixteen regular sessions. However, given the flexibility of the software, the school can choose a schedule that works for them.

More information on the software tutoring program can be found here.

The programme includes:

  • 20 minutes sessions
  • Two times a week totaling 16 sessions
  • End of program standardized testing

Session activities to teach the principles of processing language include:

  • Reading and listening to text
  • Identifying the topic
  • Recognizing informative words and choosing notes
  • Studying notes and testing recall
  • Answering literal and inferencing multiple-choice questions

The programme includes the following services:

  • Facilitation of the software download and installation
  • Immediate built in scoring mechanism
  • Monitoring of the individual students’ performance through the weekly review of all lesson scorecards
  • Maintenance of a weekly scoreboard to track the change for administrators, teachers and students
  • Email and telephone support is available throughout the program duration