Our flagship product is Tutor. A computer based educational tool designed to help students, including those with learning disabilities (LD), improve their reading comprehension and language processing, and hence their overall academic achievement.

Incorporating a wide range of lessons of varying reading levels and backed by teacher based marking of all lessons, which includes on-going human student progress monitoring, Tutor is a simple, friendly and easy to use software package, requiring minimal supervision from teachers and parents.

Tutor reads text to the student, asks questions and provides support, all utilizing audio and text cues. Multiple computer voices enhance the students experience and allow them to customize their preferences.

Scoring of each lesson and integrated testing and marking show progress and give valuable learning metrics which are then printed to a scorecard, which the student may keep. Scorecards and on-going learning assessment metrics are communicated to the Vox Factum Cloud which allows for expert monitoring and reporting on the progress of the student.

All scorecards and learning metrics are analyzed and retained in a student portfolio, and regular reports can be sent to the teacher and parents of the student via email. Standardized testing at the start and at the end of the course definitively show the achieved improvements in reading comprehension through the programme.



  • For a full video demonstration of Tutor, please click here (4 minutes).
  • For a short video demonstration of the key features of Tutor, please click here (1 minute 35 seconds).


For further information or to receive a free 3 lesson demonstration, please contact us.